East Egg

Wish list: hermit crab and shell dweller models

Constructed on the streets of Beijing by freshly graduated architect Dai Haifei (戴海飞), a tiny living pod awaits its inevitable removal by the authorities. Imagine Construction Birds laying these all over the city…! Just waiting to be discovered and inhabited. What about more biomorph forms of coocooning? There’s so much to try. Coming soon to a sidewalk near you: the kangaroo pouch mini-home.

Apparently his workplace is right across the street, so there’s no commute – and he leaves his notebook computer at the office. Probably no shower there though – my money’s on a gym membership.

In-depth info, interview and construction drawings over at Chinahush. Construction photos at Dai Haifei’s flickr account, more info at EverydayMinimalist and The Urban Field Guide.


Here’s the original Beijing ‘Bird’s Egg’ – actually the National Centre for the Performing Arts, an opera building by Paul Andreu (2001).

Reportedly, the locals call it all kinds of names, from the relatively harmless Eggshell or Bird’s Egg to Alien Egg or even Giant Turd. Don’t worry, Giant Turd, Jardine House will hook you up with a therapist if it all gets to be too much.


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